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CE4 Plus V3 Clearomizer (aka CE4+, Ego Vision, E-Turbo, Stardust) Maximize

CE4 Plus V3 Clearomizer (aka CE4+, Ego Vision, E-Turbo, Stardust)

Utilizing inner metallic components, this is certainly among the simplest of all cartomizers and clearomizers to use. Just fill it up, connect it to your battery and vape away. This device is additionally referred to as a Stardust, Ego Vision, E-Turbo, CE4 Clearomizer, CE4+, and CE4 plus.

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This device doesn't need a syringe to fill it up. Simply just drip some e-liquid within the side of the cone to fill it up. This specific 1.6 ml capacity clearomizer is definitely an enhanced version of the original. It come with extended wicks along with a wider tube which delivered superior wicking to the atomizer resulting in smooth and easy inhalation. The atomizer is placed over the e-liquid and is fed by means of double, extra thick immersed wicks. The high quality thermal alloy atomizer at the top, aided from the wide inhalation chamber provides you with excellent air flow and excellent vapor production with a really clean flavor.

The CE4 Plus is long lasting however is regarded as a disposible device. Clearomizer life may vary based on usage and kinds of e-liquid being used. Liquids with higher levels of sugars or Vegetable Glycerin and darker liquids can reduce the lifespan of your Clearomizer. It can be washed with water and used again as soon as it dry.
The EGO / 510 connection indicates it will fit almost all eGo batteries and it is likewise ideal for use with other 510 devices although you may require a 510 - 510 extender or 510 - EGO adaptor due to the connection of the CE4.

Tips for using the CE4 Plus:

  • Always be certain that the CE4 Plus is totally dry before you decide to refill it following a cleaning
  • Never screw the drip tip way too tight.  This may have a unfavorable effect on  the wicking performance.
  • Even though it is well built, these types of Clearomizers, tend to be more fragile compared to a standard cartomizer and or atomizer. Be aware when carrying this inside your pants pocket.
  • Never twist the CE4 Plus too tight on to the battery, since you may crack the bottom seal.
  • Whenever you are not using your mods, lay it on it's side.  This will certainly enhance the wicking performance of the coils.
  • Should you crack the bottom seal, apply some Scotch tape around the bottom part. It will certainly seal off the CE4 Plus completely.


  • Conical design streamlined with clear tank style.
  • Long lasting - can easily be refilled again and again before some decrease in effectiveness (varies with e-liquid used).
  • Pleasant threaded mouthpiece - no leaking.
  • 1.6 ml capacity offers a long time between refills.
  • Simple and fast to fill straight from your e-liquid bottle.
  • Most recent CE4 technology utilizing longer wicks.
  • 510 connection for excellent adaptability - work with the majority of eGo battery.
  • Top quality thermal alloy atomizer coil for outstanding flavor.
  • Seems to look great due to it stylish streamlined design.
  • Wide inhalation chamber for consistent and effortless inhalation.
  • Clear design allows you to view e-liquid level avoiding dry vaping.
  • Top positioned atomizer guarantees excellent flavor and superb vapor production.


  • Color: Colorless (Transparent)
  • Resistance: 2.6-3.0 Ohms
  • Liquid Capacity: 1.6 ml
  • Outer diameter: 14 mm
  • Inside diameter: 6 mm
  • Total length: 70 mm (with tip)



  • 1 unit CE4 Plus V3 Clearomizer


 Warranty Policy
All the product comes with a 14 day parts replacement warranty* for manufacturing defects.
*(not including disposable items: E-liquid, atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers, tank cartridges)